What we did!

Leadership in Time held their first exclusive leadership seminar with President Bill Clinton where a group of Business Leaders participated in Finlandand several other seminars with President Bill Clinton has been organized around the world.

We have organized the seminar “Global Warming” seminar with Vice President Al Gore in more than 20 countries.

We gathered thousands of participants who all ended up jumping and dancing their way through Denmark’s largest self-development seminar with Anthony Robbins for the first and only time in Copenhagen. This success we also repeated in both Aarhus and Stockholm.

We have had the seminar “Western Science Eastern Philosophy” in Copenhagen with Deepak Chopra.

We have had the first event ever in Copenhagen where John Gray lectured “When Mars and Venus Collide”.

We have held the first and only lecture in Copenhagen by Stephen Covey and Lance Armstrong “7 good habits and 7 victories”

We have had several seminars with Deepak Chopra “Western Science Eastern Philosophy” in Copenhagen, Stockholm and on Palma de Mallorca in Spain where the Mallorcan people came to meet Deepak Chopra for the first time ever in the Audiotorium where ”Reinventing the Body Resurrecting the Soul” was interpreted simultaneously into the hall.

We have held a 2 days workshop in Copenhagen where Byron Katie taught “The Work”.

We had invited the world’s happiest man Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche to Copenhagen where people from all over Europe came and learned about meditation on a 2 days workshop.

Leadership in Time SL. was part of history when 40,000 people for the first time ever from the Spanish Island gathered at Real Mallorca’s football stadium to listen to Andrea Bocelli and Elton John accompanied by Mallorca’s 100 Philharmonic orchestra as well as Soprano Saioa Hernandez, Heather Headley and The 4 Italien Divas.

We have made a workshop with psychologist and author Daniel Goleman and Tara Bennett-Goleman, MA, psychotherapist and long time meditator.

We have had more than 500 participants on The Power of Mindfulness courses in Majorca as well as more than 200 participants attending The Mindfulness Basic course in Copenhagen.

During the same period more than 150 took Enneagram courses on Mallorca and in Copenhagen.

We have had several Mindful Camino Mallorca, where the hiking, mediation & yoga is combined with walking in the beautiful nature of Majorca.

We have held more than 60 closed talks around the world with both Kofi Annan, President Bill Clinton, Al Gore, Tony Blair, Wangari Matthai. Hans Blixt and many others

To be continued it is only your imagination sets the limits……………….