“Leadership In Time is aimed at the intelligent, action-oriented person who can think for themselves. Relevant tools for self-development were presented, tested and discussed. If you were not sure where you were going – then you deffinetly  had amazing tools to take the temperature and set the course “.

Christian Ahlers Marketing Børsen A / S

“A course in introduction to a complex field of study made available in an easy and understandable way through a rewarding mix between theory & practice”.

Otto D.Lück, Medical & Managing Director Medical Trust

“Great energy and enthusiasm throughout the process.”

Morten Sand Happiness, Managing Director (CEO), Targit A / S

“Good inspiring seminar, where I got some tools to take home, which I could use both professionally and privately.”

Allan Jespersen, Manager, Esys A / S

“My expectations were met and the yield was great, great tools that will benefit my continued personal development, I am pleased to participate in future seminars from Leadership In Time“.

Bo Bauerfeind, Regional Director Denmark and Sweden, Elan IT

“Fantastic seminar – I hope you get lots of success in the future”

Morten Berger Manager, Cargo World

“Good intense and inspirational teaching, I had really no expectations, but there was undoubtedly some great tools I can use “.

Lars Helweg Andersen, Ad Manager, Børsen

“Taking part in the seminar with Leadership In Time was a very positive experience”

Jesper Andersen, Manager Floorcoat

“Leadership in Time created the opportunity to make three interesting things all at the same time; Knowledge, networks and a unique experience that I could not have found better elsewhere. I got an introduction to NLP in an inspiring way of talented teachers. Teaching opened up for other participants interesting angles on the subject which seemed rewarding. The team around Leadership in Time did their utmost to ensure an eventful course  thisevent which was a good experience. “

Jakob Bisgaard, Managing Director, InnovationsHus South

“An inspiring and different leadership seminar with Leadership in Time, – a good experience, a consultant company who live up to their invitation and headlines. The seminar in Finland had diverse groups of leaders who created a new dialogue and a strong opportunity for new networks. “

Gitte Leonce, Director Cabin Crew, SAS Scandinavian Airlines Denmark A / S

“Thank you for an educational day, which resulted in great inspiration, network and not least Ingemar Stenmark’s experience in achieving results.”

Mathias Rassov, Ceo. Managing Director, Perceptor


Yoga retreat Mallorca Spain Journey back to self through Yoga”

The Yoga retreat is an opportunity to stop and be reminded of how important it is to focus on the unification of body and mind. The retreat is led by highly competent teachers, which is based on where you are and lovingly lead you in the right direction. The retreat is highly recommended for anyone who wants to do something good for themselves.

Susanne Kærup, Independent Coenhagen Denmark

I have been inspired to make the lifestyle shift, I should have done a long time ago. I’ve got great yoga habits, inspiration for great vegetarian diet, discovered the joys of hiking and enjoyed many good conversations with the other participants and especially enjoyed the beautiful scenery, the place and calm. Mallorca showed its best side and I hope that I come back instead. I will definitely come back to Mallorca and is already in the process of planning a vacation to the island with my husband in the spring  where especially hiking should be on the program.

Nina Åvist HR-Partner Copenhagen Denmark

I wish I could relive those days!

Nanna Johnsson Stockholm ,Sweden

Leadership in Time organised a wonderful yoga retreat on Majorca. The week was well conceived and perfectly executed with care and attention to detail. It was clear that Liss and Malin and Sandra had put a lot of thought into shaping the week so that we learnt loads of yoga and were able to relax and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

Anna Kirkpatrick  London, United Kingdom

Many thanks for a fantastic retreat, could not have asked for a better week.

Linda Elsén Stockholm Sweden

Attending Leadership in Times Yoga Retreat in Mallorca.

All senses are stimulated to full on my stay.

The stay at the yoga retreat offered something for both, VISION-stunning surroundings and beautiful people – HEARING just birds Orchestra in the morning on the way to early morning yoga, TASTE -, SENSE OF SMELL – again – the fantastic food, the sense of touch – which was almost over stimulated, great massage SPIRITUAL aspect of the whole process.

Charlotte Monby Denmark